Photo: the Scottish Parliament has been hacked

The cyber attack was aimed at obtaining access to many email accounts of members of Parliament.

The computer system of the Scottish Parliament (Holyrood) had been hacked, similar to the June hacking attack on the British Parliament , reports The Guardian.

The newspaper notes that the staff of the Scottish Parliament were warned on August 15 hackers tried to get access to many email accounts via a systematic password cracking attempts.

“Monitoring system of the Parliament has determined that we currently are subjected to cyber attacks from external sources”, − quotes the edition internally the statement by one of the senior staff of the Parliament Paul Grice. It also notes that the method of attack similar to the cyber attack on the British Parliament.

“Robust cyber security measures of the Parliament established that the attack at an early stage, and additional security measures that we have ready for such cases, has already been applied. Our information systems remain fully functioning”, − said in a statement.

Grice urged employees to update and complicate passwords combination.

Recall that in late June, the British Parliament made a cyber attack. The hackers tried to access accounts of legislators.

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