Today, March 9, during the Baikal ice marathon tragedy. The 35-year-old athlete from Moscow, presumably, his heart stopped, although before the start, he passed the examination by the doctors.

About this “Russian conversation” reports with reference to organizers of an extreme sports tournament.

“The doctors fought for his life, but the man died,” they reported, adding that an autopsy of the body, are the exact cause of death of men.

In the government of Irkutsk region noted that the marathon is always organized at the highest level.

“The authorities had no complaints to the organizers of this event in terms of security and medical support”, – added there.

The Baikal ice marathon was held in the framework of the international festival “Zimniada-2017”. This race is considered one of the most difficult endurance races in the world. To start out 200 runners from 32 countries .

Video as participants cross the lake on the ice appeared on the Network.

Earlier, during other competition “Zimniada” — rock climbing on the shores of lake Baikal — torn from the cliffs, killed 27-year-old girl.

As reported, “Russian conversation”, it became known about the plans of the citizen of the Russian Federation to make a Grand marathon run from Moscow to Beijing.