The secrets of the perfect tan: 5 simple rules


Photo: from open sources

Summer dream # 1 for every girl – dark skin.

If you abuse the sun, it can have a negative impact on all summer vacation.

To get a healthy tan, you must follow the simple rules, writes the with reference to the channel 24.

5 tips for a uniform and healthy tan:

1. It is better to sunbathe before 11 am and after 16 PM when the sun’s rays are not aggressive.

2. Stick to the rules 10 minutes: the first “approach” the sun shall be no more than 10 mins Then half an hour of rest and beyond it is already possible to increase for another 10 min. (i.e., you can sunbathe for 20 min., turning over on their back or stomach).

3. Before the sun choose the means not weaker than 50 SPF. When the skin is slightly darkened — 25 SPF. To save the dullness of the skin and enhance the effect of tanning you can take a 10 SPF.

4. Water does not protect from burns . On the surface of the water, we get three times more sun exposure that increases the risk of “burn out”.

5. For a healthy tan and good health more drink. The water should be still, a little cool and a little salty.