The national Commission on securities and stock market (NKTSBFR) and the Minister of agrarian policy and food signed a Memorandum of cooperation within realization of the state policy in the sphere of functioning of the agrarian market, according to a press release of the national Commission.

The respective document , the head of the securities Commission Timur Limp and the Deputy Minister of agrarian policy and food Elena Kovalova signed on 18 January 2018.

“The Memorandum will allow to establish effective exchange of information between governmental authorities, to coordinate their actions for the development of the Ukraine commodity exchange markets, to implement the use of commodity derivatives and other financial instruments by economic entities of the agrarian sector”, – stated in the document.

As reported, the European Bank for reconstruction and development (EBRD) for the treatment of the securities Commission and the Ministry of agrarian policy and food of Ukraine, on 24 January announced a competition for the assistance of an external consultant for the development in Ukraine of the market of warehouse receipts.

The selected consultant will assist the controller methodological support in the analysis of the internal market of the warehouse receipts and the development of recommendations for improving this tool.

Applications for participation in the competition EBRD takes until 26 January 2018.

In addition, the group of people’s deputies in early September 2017 registered in the Verkhovna Rada a draft law “On the capital market and the regulated markets” No. 7055, which defines the conditions for the establishment in Ukraine of full-fledged market commodity derivatives. The bill has not yet been considered by Parliament.