The General Secretary of the Supreme national security Council of Iran Ali Shamkhani

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TASS, February 11. The balance of power in the middle East has changed after the incident with the downed Syrian air defense aircraft of the Israeli air force. This opinion, according to the newspaper Al Quds Al Arabi, expressed on Sunday Secretary General of the Supreme Council of national security of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ali Shamkhani.

“Any error committed by Israel in the region , will not remain unanswered, said Rahmani. – Syria’s air defense shot down a plane that violated the airspace of a sovereign state.” According to him, the incident “changed the balance of forces in the region.” The Secretary General of the Iranian security Council said that Tehran has to shoot down the plane is irrelevant.

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Israel has twice attacked the Iranian and Syrian targets in Syria and lost a F-16

On Saturday information was received about the escalation in the South-West of Syria. The Israeli military said the destruction over the Golan heights, the Iranian drone that invaded the country’s airspace from Syria. In response, the aircraft of the Jewish state attacked Iranian targets in Syria and destroyed the point of control of the UAV. Following this, Israeli F-16 fighter jet of the Syrian air defense has launched several anti-aircraft missiles, the pilots of one aircraft left the aircraft in accordance with the procedure, one of them was seriously wounded and a second suffered minor injuries.

Then Israeli aircraft bombed 12 positions in Syria, including three Syrian air defense. The aircraft also attacked four Iranian military targets, said the press service of the army of the Jewish state. In Tehran, the charges were described as “ridiculous”, stressing that doing in Syria only an Advisory function at the request of Damascus.