MEXICO city, April 1. /TASS/. The security Council of Venezuela, who gathered at the initiative of President Nicolas Maduro, urged the Supreme court (SC) to reconsider the decision to take on the powers of Parliament. This is stated in the statement, which was read by Vice-President Tarek al-Aissami.

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“Secondly, (the security Council decided) to encourage the armed forces to review decisions 155 and 156 to maintain the stability of the state bodies and the balance of powers,” he said .

According to Maduro, the document adopted at the end of the session, “resolved the conflict” that erupted between the armed forces and Parliament.

Earlier this week the sun has given Maduro a chance to actually act to bypass Parliament and announced that he was taking on the powers of the Supreme legislative body until then, will continue until “the situation of disrespect” in relation to the judiciary. It lies in the fact that the national Assembly (Parliament) has not fulfilled the requirement of the armed forces to invalidate the election of deputies from the state of Amazonas in December 2015. Then, the court had made a decision because of irregularities in the voting process.

Solutions sun caused sharp criticism by the Venezuelan opposition, which controls Parliament, and representatives of the international community. A number of countries in the region adopted a decision to recall their ambassadors from Caracas.