Service of the Leningrad nuclear power plant detained two seals-offenders, sailed into the canal intake on the ice on March 29.

The trespassers, was held by the divers of Regardie. The staff of the rehabilitation Centre of marine animals told about the phone call from the security service of LAES with two seals entered the water utility on a breakaway ice floe. Divers of Regardie accompanied the animals on the shore .

Soldiers guarded the seals until the arrival of veterinarians. Experts have determined that a male and a female are in a satisfactory physical shape and can without harm to health to live in natural conditions. To deliver animals in the Baltic sea has required the continued involvement of the military.

The joint efforts of security personnel, divers and veterinarians have taken the animals to a remote from the plant site of a sea shore. However, the animals were reluctant to return to sea and headed in land a walk through the forest.

Soldiers were forced to chase the sea creatures. A female first realized his mistake and quickly dived into the water. The male followed her example soon after was suddenly appeared frightened people.