Human rights activists-participants of the ATO warns about possible provocations by the Russian special services during different protests in Ukraine.

“Our task is to warn people. Many people think that the security services are the only recruitment and promotions under the Russian chants, but now all the provocations are prepared under the Patriotic rhetoric,” – said at a pre ss conference in Agency “Interfax-Ukraine” on Monday in Kiev, the Chairman of the human rights Association “Syndicate” Eugene Shepelyansky.

He said that before the rally in Kharkiv, the activists via social media began to contact people with an offer of assistance. “We started to analyze: page in social networks these people have Patriotic rhetoric… But we learned about their involvement in the provocative organization “Emery”, which executes political orders… We gathered information and went to SBU”, – he said.

E. Shepelyansky also said that law enforcement officers detained the man, “who admitted that was the course of action carried out by Association “Syndicate” under the building of Prosecutor General, throwing a grenade.” “Were still a group of individuals who were in one of our events to break the bottle, thus, arranging provocations,” – said the head of the Association.

In turn, the activist of “the Syndicate”, a member of ATO Boris Portnoy urged all participants to be very attentive when you participate in the protests. “If you want to participate in such actions, study participants, understand the situation,” he said.