According to experts, are published in the Internet photo frame you can see the outline of a human shadow, but none of the people present would not have been able to cast during the imprinting phenomenon. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

Before the lightning moved in nature.

According to the Spanish flu, she decided with her lover to visit the surrounding villages Armesto to see the local sights. Suddenly, however, on the background of the old citadel they saw the shadow of the invisible man that nobody could of them to discard. Eyewitness of the incident also felt near the ruins of the change in the temperature, and then was not-the may cold.

Also, Internet users have emphasized that captures the silhouette had nothing to do with mundane counterparts. If you follow optical laws, the shadow should enlarge on the bushes, which were located at the time of shooting closer to the photographer. Experts also said that it clearly outlines the uniform of the figure, which more resembled the three-dimensional shadow.

The Spaniard was pretty surprised when I saw scratches on the body, although no effect from the outside was not detected.

Earlier in the prophecies of Shambhala revealed the nature of extraterrestrial creatures. We will remind, earlier it was a materialization of an otherworldly entity.