Ukrainian security forces and law enforcement authorities, fearing unrest and provocations in Odessa on may day, gave special importance to the arrival at the seaport town of a merchant ship under the Russian flag.

As stated in the Maritime security of the Ukrainian state border service, the Russian tanker “Count” idle in the port of Odessa for the second day in connection with the order to keep under special control all ships under the Russian flag that will appear in the Harbor of Odessa in the period of may holidays, according to “Russian conversation” .

The Ministry said that the crew of the merchant vessel consists of twelve men, and the results of the two inspections at the Ukrainian territory and the verification of documents of the Russian tanker did not cause any suspicion among the guards, but their attention was attracted by the dispatch service failure to provide the requested information about the ship, therefore the ship still cannot leave the port to continue the route.

“All the documents are in order, the crew is cooperating with authorities”, – said the press service of Maritime safety.

The delay of the Russian merchant ship in the port of Odessa associated with the findings of the guards by the order closely to control the appearance in the Harbor of ships under the Russian flag during the may holidays, in connection with the probability of provocation and unrest.

As previously reported, “Russian conversation”, the crews of the ships of naval forces of Ukraine allowed to open fire in case of the threat to military installations Navy military personnel themselves.