On suspicion in murder of four people, including two children in the Republic of Tuva is detained two sisters.

Dialogue,” reports the details of the brutal murder with reference to the press service of the
SK Rossii po Respublike Tyva.

bodies the investigation of the criminal case on the fact of detection
the fire in apartment city of AK-Dovurak the bodies of 35-year-old spouse and two
young children with signs of violent death”, — stated in
press release.

the event gave the result, and it turned out that a terrible massacre of the family
made young girls.

the crime involved two residents of the city of AK-Dovurak — sisters
19 and 25 years.

preliminary data, the above
person the day of the murder drinking with the 35-year-old victim with alcohol in his apartment .

the Commission of the crime was a quarrel arose between his wife and
guests of the victim that escalated into a fight. After the crime
the suspects set fire to apartment and has disappeared from a scene”, —
emphasized in the investigative bodies.

The suspects were taken into custody.

On 4 March it became known about terrible murder in Tuva the city of AK-Dovurak, which tried to disguise it as an accident.

previously reported, “Russian conversation”, in Nizhny Tagil, an ex-con brutally murdered school teacher, leaving 6-year-old daughter without a mother.