The ideology adopted in Ukraine of the law on “green” auctions based on the principle of competition between solar and wind power plants (solar and wind farms), but they are different technologies and should not compete with each other, this opinion was expressed in interview to the Internet portal “Energoinform” Manager, business development at Scatec Solar, Magnus Johansen.

“The law provides for the allocation of quotas for “wind” and “sun” in the amount of at least 15% of the total set by the government. Which in the end, the quota will get every kind of renewable energy sources (RES) is still unknown, and as can compete fundamentally different types of generation, with different cost of production is also unclear,” – he stressed.

M. Johansen recalled the factor capacity utilisation factor (ICUF), which is one of the fundamental in determining the profitability of the project. “If “wind” capacity factor is around 35-40%, that for “sun” it barely exceeds 15%. That is, 1 MW installed capacity wind farm produces more electricity than SES. Thus, the wind power projects will implement more profitable, and as a result at equal rates will shift in their direction,” predicts representative of Scatec Solar.

The “skew” in the direction of the wind can be a serious challenge for the United energy system, because in the context of distributed generation SES play a more important role, said M., Johansen. According to him, “solar” projects are more mobile, they can build in any region. “In solar energy, unlike wind, lots of small projects, which is also more consistent with the concept of distributed generation,” – said the representative of the Norwegian investor.

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