The singer continues to surprise our fan of candid shots.

Olga Seryabkina often indulges fans photos posing almost naked. The girl repeatedly stated that he does not see anything wrong with that. Despite criticism from many Internet users, the singer continues to spread provocative shots in your Instagram, according to “Russian conversation”.

Recently, the microblog Seryabkina appeared the photo, which provoked special interest of the fans. The picture shows the star posing in a very revealing one piece bathing suit, which almost completely bared her Breasts. Fans were able to estimate the bust of a girl in all its glory.

Olga herself admitted that while that is on holiday in nice.

Fans left mixed reviews below the post. Many bold the liked. “What beautiful pictures”, “Spice”, “Very nice Breasts”, “Not stop looking” – such compliments left followers .

But there were also those who advised Seryabkina to leave such candid shots or for personal archive or for his boyfriend. “Why not naked”, “You’re still not tired?”, “Olya, well, how can upload it for everyone to see” – said disgruntled fans. Olga herself on the user comments did not answer.

Earlier in the microblog Olga appeared very candid picture in which she posed in a two-piece.

Also, “Russian conversation” reported that the artist gave occasion to talk about the wedding. Fans noticed the girl on the ring finger of the right hand engagement ring.