Photo: NASA

The ESA device using the magnetometer recorded the sounds of the magnetic field of our planet.

Scientists presented the “song” of Earth’s magnetic field. The recording appeared in the Twitter account of the European space Agency.

It is noted that the record did the BepiColombo device using the magnetometer. He works within the mission of ESA and JAXA, the European and Japanese space agencies.

BepiColombo has been launched in 2018. Its main task is to study mercury. After six flybys around the planet, he also has to make another two around Venus.

Hello Earthlings! I made some music for you! I’m not sure about the right name for the song. Maybe ‘The Sound of the Magnetic Field’? Do you think it’s good? I recorded it just for you with the help of my magnetometer instrument built by@tuBraunschweig and @IWF_oeaw

— Bepi (@ESA_Bepi) April 21, 2020

Earlier it was reported that he was found a planet very similar to Earth. Also the Correspondent wrote that the telescope took a hundred of meteorite strikes on the moon.

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