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© Sergey Bobylev/TASS

© Sergey Bobylev/TASS

© Sergey Bobylev/TASS

© Sergey Bobylev/TASS

© Sergey Bobylev/TASS

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In Central Russia came a heavy snowfall

4 Feb, 19:16

In the Moscow region have reproduced the events of the Balaton defensive operation

4 Feb, 18:36

Heavy snow fell on Vladimir

4 Feb, 17:17

Russian national team on hockey became an 11-time world champion

4 Feb, 10:59

Gassiev reached the final of the world series of Boxing, winning Dorticos in Sochi

February 4, 2:05

The national teams of Russia and Portugal will play in the final of the Cup of legends in football

3 Feb, 20:46



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© Sergey Bobylev/TASS

© Sergey Bobylev/TASS

© Sergey Bobylev/TASS

© Sergey Bobylev/TASS

© Sergey Bobylev/TASS

SEOUL, February 4. /TASS./ About two hundred South Koreans in the last days before the start of the winter Olympic games in Pyeongchang organized in Seoul airport Incheon solemn meeting to arriving at the competition. Guests of the Games they welcome South Korean folk songs and dances, they bring with them and the flags of the native sportsmen of the country, the correspondent of TASS from the event.

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The involvement of the CAS justified the Russians in the Olympics in 2018 will be decided in the next two days

No exception, and Russian athletes, even despite the fact that by reason of the disqualification of the national Olympic Committee at the Olympics they will be forced to compete under the Olympic flag.

“I came to support the Russian athletes, – said one of the protesters, who were holding the flag of Russia. – I can not judge, justly they were punished or not, I just want to make nice to them, to let them feel our hospitality”.

It is expected that in the Olympic games, which will be held from 9 to 25 February, will take part 168 of the Russian athletes, they will act under the flag of the International Olympic Committee, officially they will be called Olympic athletes from Russia.

Russian skaters, short-track athletes, biathlon and Luge have already arrived in South Korea and checked into the Olympic village.