Thousands of Spaniards participate in the race with the bulls, despite the risk

Man just watched the race the bulls, but the animal attacked the stragglers of the audience, causing two deadly blow.

In the municipality of Cuellar in Spain during traditional bullfighting the animal to death has killed the man, reports The Local.

“Killed the man pierced by the horns of the bull on Thursday at the festival in cuéllar”, – stated in the message.

According to the mayor, the animal stabbed 61-year-old Spaniard in the chest and neck, injuries were fatal.

The incident occurred during running of the bulls in 155 km to the North of Madrid. Only the victim was watching the race when one of the bulls lagged behind the rest of the animals and attacked him.

Muere un hombre de unos 70 años tras recibir una cornada en el quinto encierro de Cuéllar (Segovia)

— Europa Press (@europapress) August 29, 2019

Note that another festival with the race of the bulls in Pamplona this year, 8 people died and 35 were injured.

Earlier it was reported that the “corrida” in India killed two people.

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