Grouping Arran held a number of rallies in Barcelona and Mallorca against mass tourism, reports the Majorca Daily Bulletin.

In Palma de Mallorca first did not attach importance to attack representatives of radical youth groupings restaurant Arran on July 22, the newspaper writes. Then visitors to popular places Mar de Nudos their food and threw confetti. From actions groups also suffered moored in the port court. The activists left the message on the banner is “mass tourism kills Mallorca”. The information has spread only in the beginning of August.

In Barcelona, received wide publicity actions Arran at the attack on a tourist bus. Masked men stopped the bus, pierced a wheel and has left notes on the windshield. Passengers were not injured, but was extremely scared because it was like the actions of terrorists.

Before the shares Arran related to the separatists of Catalonia, was not aimed at tourists . Perhaps because they are trying to attract public attention, the newspaper reports. The authorities of Barcelona and Mallorca condemned the actions of the activists and said that, despite the problems that mass tourism remains the most important sector of regional economy. However, the situation has already caused concern in Madrid, and it took control of the government of Spain.

The country’s tourism Minister, álvaro Nadal said that the government will act most harshly and consistently against such shares, the newspaper said.

Arran was founded in 2012 and spread throughout Spain. The organization’s representatives claim that they are fighting against the capitalist system, for the independence of Catalonia and global justice.