Actor Jamie Dornan revealed about filming sex scenes in a series of erotic film “Fifty shades”. In the American broadcast of “Jimmy Kimmel Show”, the artist said that in the process of filming wore to the penis the urine bag anyway, due to problems with translation so understood by the audience. A fragment program is posted on YouTube.


So, Dornan has used in his speech the word “wee”, which loosely interpreted as “pee” or “small”. He explained that in his native Northern Ireland refer to the package for the penis, it does not talk about the size of his penis.

“Actually, I was carrying a pretty big bag,” Dornan joked.

According to the actor, during the filming of the debut picture of the franchise, “Fifty shades of grey” he was given is already used by someone else package.

Dornan has discovered the secret that there was several bags of different sizes, and he chose the most suitable one .

“I was expecting it to be completely new, and then opened it and saw the entry “Prisoner number three”” he said.

Recall that on 14 February of the current year is published in the next part of the series called “Fifty shades of freedom”. Dornan plays in the film one of the main roles. In November 2017, the film-makers have unveiled the first trailer.

Erotic franchise at this stage includes the films “Fifty shades of grey” and “fifty shades darker”, and the last picture came out in February of last year. Drama “Fifty shades of grey” got antinagradu “Golden raspberry” as worst picture of 2015.