The scandal between “talibanesque” Agibalov and Tatiana Afrikanova is gaining momentum.

Yesterday Irina Agibalova again complained in a microblog to another participant of “House-2” Tatiana Afrikanova. A woman during a broadcast in the “Periscope” Irina called and said that never in life will be to apologize to her for it, reports “Russian conversation”.

Irina said that this video is, to some extent, its fun. “That’s how much envy and anger need to have, how much arrogance and pride to not settle down for four months”, – said offended “telebasura”. In her opinion, Afrikantov, the eldest is always watching her life and she is jealous.

Fans supported celebrity and wished her not to pay attention to the antics of Afrikantova, which, in their opinion, promoted by “talibanesque”. “Don’t worry” “Everything will be fine”, “She’s a sick woman. And you are an example for all,” spoke at the discussion .

Note, the women got into an altercation a few months ago. Then Tatiana said that Irina has a criminal record, which she carefully hides.