Ivan Barzakov unflattering comments about his beloved Elizabeth Polygalova. Ivan called his girlfriend stupid.

Ivan Barzakov and Elizabeth Polygalova considered one of the brightest pairs on telestroke. Despite the fact that Ivan has established himself as a womanizer, now he’s, apparently, really fell in love and settled down a bit, according to “Russian conversation”.

Now the couple has a passionate affair. Recently, however, Ivan surprised the audience with the fact that publicly humiliated his girlfriend. The guy is very experienced and adult, who razbiraetsa many things, you can not say about a twenty-year lease.

“Thinking Lisa was still young, and in some moments silly,” said the young man in a recent interview.

Despite the fact that Lisa quite often affects children, it is sure that actually the girl was still too young to be a mother .

We will remind, Ivan Barzakov radically changed its image, that did not like his groupies.