Sports news: the Leader of the Brazilian national team and French Paris Saint-Germain commented on his play on the 2018 world Cup.

Brazilian forward Neymar for the first time made a statement about their games in the 2018 world Cup. Recall that Neymar was accused of exaggerating the impact of fouls on him and too theatrical rolls on the lawn.

You may think that I am exaggerating. Sometimes it really is. But the truth is that I suffer.

You may think that I’m too much of fall. But the truth is that I don’t fall and break. The departure in the quarter-finals hurts more than any foul on my ankle.

Finally, a confession from Neymar.

— ESPN UK (@ESPNUK) 30 Jul 2018

I accept your criticism. I stared at myself in the mirror and became a new man. I fell, but the only way to get explained Neymar in one of the ads .