Famous actress posted a touching picture for the first time in a long time showing their children.

Actress Yekaterina Guseva does not like to keep my private life private. Star believes that her fans anything to her spouse and children. But recently, Gusev lifted the veil of personal life, and for the first time in a long time posted in Instagram picture, which was captured with her children, according to “Russian conversation”.

The it was timed to the children protection Day, which is celebrated on 1 June. In the picture the eldest son of Catherine was holding their little sister. It is noticeable that the heirs Guseva and abashkina greatly matured. It is known that at the moment the young man turned 18, and his sister 6 years.

Catherine did not comment on the photo, but the fans left a lot of nice reviews instead . Of particular interest followers called daughter Anna – many have begun to argue, who are more like baby. Also the followers noted that his son Alex was a very handsome man.

Earlier in the microblog Ekaterina Guseva appeared spicy picture, which is like followers.

Also in a recent interview the actress told about her family life with her husband Vladimir Abashkin. The actress confessed that is absolutely not adapted to life in the home.