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Ukraine news: the starving in the Simferopol SIZO of Baluja very severe pain in the chest and the subscapularis muscles.

Convicted in Russia-occupied Crimea, Ukrainian activist Volodymyr Baluku who continues hunger strike for 99 days, became ill, reports the Internet-the edition “Crimea.Realities” with reference to visiting his client in the detention center of Simferopol Olga attorney Dinze.

“He has a very strong pain in the chest and the subscapularis muscles. Most likely, there was a pinched nerve,” said O Dinza.

The lawyer also said that starving already 99 days V. Blush refused to go for a walk for health reasons, as “just physically couldn’t do it”.

In addition, according to activist convicted in meeting on consideration of the petition for parole, he also would not be able to participate.

O. Dinze said that V. Baluch does not eat anything and only drank water .

Also the lawyer added that the activist was transferred to another cell. According to V. Baloha, “the camera is normal, no problems with other prisoners there.”

As reported, the Ukrainian farmer V. Baluch was detained December 8, 2016 at his home in the village of Serebryanka Razdolnensky area temporarily occupied by Russia Crimea. Russian authorities have charged him with possession of ammunition.

According to activists, in the course of the search, the FSB said that in the attic of the house where V. Baluch, found 90 rounds of ammunition and a few TNT blocks. The relatives assume that the ammunition was planted by the FSB during a search. Earlier, V. Baloha carried out two searches and the first since the house was removed a Ukrainian flag.

In January 2018 Razdolnensky district court of Crimea has sentenced V. Baloha to 3 years and 7 months of imprisonment in a colony-settlement and to the penalty of 10 thousand Russian rubles. “Supreme court” of the Crimea on 14 March reduced the term of imprisonment up to 3 years and 5 months to be served it in the colony.

On the same day the verdict came into force and V. baloh began a hunger strike. On may 15 he began to take food in order to avoid force-feeding. May 19 Parliament Commissioner for human rights Lyudmila Denisova said that, according to her Russian colleague Tatyana Moskalkova, V. Baluch fed by a special scheme. However, 22 Jun V. Baluch decided to go on a dry hunger strike. L. Denisova requires urgently to provide her access to V. Baloha.

June 25 consideration of the petition for parole starving in the Crimean prison of Ukrainian activist Volodymyr Baluja the so-called “case rounds” postponed to July 5.