TASS-FILE. June 15, 2017 will be another “Direct line with Vladimir Putin”, during which the inhabitants of the country live will be able to ask the President a question or make a request.

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Editorial from the guardian, the DOSSIER prepared a collection of statements of the head of state about Russia’s relations with Western States.


“The United States is one of the leading world powers… It is the number one partner for us. I want to assure you that Russia will be nothing made that did Mar our relationship. But I want to draw… attention to the fact that we will continue to defend its national interests.”


“We unite with other countries in the antiterrorist coalition to help each other to counter these threats. And we will intensify our efforts .”


“We are not interested in the defeat of the United States in their fight against international terrorism, because the United States partners in the fight against terrorism.”


“The European Union does not owe us anything, as we did not have to. But we believe that Russia played a crucial role in the fall of the Berlin wall and the overcoming of divisions in Europe. This merit belongs first of all to the Soviet Union and our native Russia… So of course we have the right to expect that when at a high enough level in Western capitals we hear about the necessity of creating Europe without dividing lines, this also applies to Russia. And that these principles and these policies will be implemented in practice”.


“We allowed the transit (this is the first time in our history)… to NATO countries on its territory, the transit of military cargo and personnel. We help information, we consider the possibilities for economic participation in the revival of Afghanistan, being in constant contact with the leadership of this country, and we have good prospects”.


“Usually, when there is a change of government, in any country, especially such a superpower as the United States, some changes occur. We are now seeing these positive signals. What are they? Well, here’s a note on the meeting of foreign Ministers of countries – members of NATO. And Ukraine and Georgia have been denied in the action plan on accession to the Alliance. We hear about the need to build relations with Russia, considering its interests. If it’s not just words, but if they are translated into practical policies, then of course our reaction will be adequate. And our American partners will immediately feel it”.


“We and the United States would like to be allies. Just what I see now, and what I said in Munich (the Munich security conference in 2008 – Approx. TASS DOSSIER) is not an Alliance. I sometimes think that America does not need allies, it needs vassals. But we want and we will build relations with the United States because… within the United States, certain transformations take place. American society is not desirable to a significant extent, at least, do not want to play the role of an international policeman”.

“Leading country of the Western world, the United States, distrustful of our nuclear missile potential. I think that’s making a huge mistake in assuming that first you need to remove this nuclear potential, and then to consider us as a possible ally. This way of thinking in the cold war. It does not give and Europe to work with us, as with a real potential ally.”


“First of all I want to say that a certain cooling in our (the US – Approx. TASS DOSSIER) began with events in Iraq… And then we said that we believe that this step is incorrect and we can not do that. Then came the events in Libya, there were events in other parts of the world. We see there is chaos everywhere. And do not believe that our partners ‘ position is absolutely right. Why should we support that which we consider wrong? But that doesn’t mean we don’t need a complex of measures aimed at building relationships in the right way”.

“There was a good reason… to forget everything that was during the cold war, and to go further. No! We had to think up another anti-Russian in this case, the “Magnitsky act”. No one has even investigated what happened. Why was this done? Just to the gills to inflate: we are the coolest here. Why? It is an imperialist approach to foreign policy. Who likes this?”.


“The modern world, especially the Western world, it is very monopolized, and many countries of the Western world… voluntarily relinquished a significant part of their sovereignty. Including it is the result of bloc politics. We are with them sometimes very difficult to agree on geopolitical issues. Difficult to negotiate with people who even at home whisper for fear of being overheard by the Americans. This is not a figure of speech. But, of course, in matters of the economy, for some other issues they are our key partners.”

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“We want good relations, but we simply can’t afford to have someone always speculated on what we are for is a good attitude to us must constantly give up their interests, constantly move away-move away. For what we are allowed to sit next to, we have to go there on concessions, where concessions, there to remain silent, there is nothing to do here is to pretend that we did not notice. But this is impossible, in the end, and in this case, we have adjusted to some point beyond which we could not recede”.


“We have to fight with anyone not going, but will strengthen, of course, its defenses just enough that no one had any no desire to fight with Russia. We do the enemies do not believe and do not recommend anyone to consider us their enemies.”


“You know, it’s not even specific people there. But if they proceed from a false assumption of its uniqueness, it will mean that they will always claim to special status and special rights. It is epistemological, some experts say, error. You need to look in the root of the problem and to act from a position of strength and dictate, not from the perspective of Imperial ambitions, and to act respectfully with all partners, and of course, with Russia. Without this it is impossible to build a modern and democratic international relations”.