The aggregate wealth of all dollar millionaires in the world in 2018 decreased by 3% to $68,1 trillion, the report says Capgemini SA.

According to the annual report World Wealth Report, the number of wealthy individuals (high-net-worth individual, HNWI) in the past year also decreased on 0,3%, to 18 million people.

Fall was the first time in seven years. This was mainly due to the fall in equity markets together with the slowdown in economic growth in key regions.

The decrease in the number of rich people was particularly evident in the Asia-Pacific region (-1.7%) and Europe (-0.7 PCT), while in North America the situation is almost unchanged (+0.4 percent). While in the middle East, the number of wealthy people increased by 5.8%, Latin America 1.9%.

As a result, the number of people invested assets which are estimated at least $1 million excluding primary place of residence in North America was 5.7 million in Europe and 4.8 million in Asia Pacific region 6.1 million in the middle East, and 0.7 million in Latin America, 0.6 million in Africa – 0.2 million

In the United States, Japan, Germany and China at the end of 2018, lived 61.2% of all dollar millionaires in the world against 61.1 per cent from a year earlier and 58.4 percent in 2012.

For the HNWI total income last year fell in all regions except the Middle East (+4.3 per cent). So, in Asia Pacific it dropped by 4.8% in Latin America by 3.6%, in Europe by 3.1% and in North America 1.1%. The state of Asian rich is estimated in the whole to $20.6 trillion, the North American – $19.6 trillion European as $15.4 trillion.

In cash and cash equivalents in 2018 were stored and 27.9% of the state’s richest citizens of the world (previous year – a 27.2%). They came in first place among the most popular asset ahead of equities, whose share fell to approximately 25.7% versus 30.9% in 2017. Real estate had 15.8% of investments, compared with 16.8%.

World Wealth Report uses data from 71 countries, which accounted for more than 98% of global gross national income and 99% of the capitalization of global stock markets.