A violent storm claimed the lives of five tourists in Greece

Six foreigners, including two Russians, were killed in a heavy storm.

As a result of strong storm rains and hail in the administrative district of Attica in Greece, six people were killed, dozens were injured, according to Reuters.

According to local police, among the dead tourists from the Czech Republic, Romania and Russia.

An elderly Czech couple died when a strong wind blew their trailer, and a woman and 8-year-old boy, both Romanian citizens, were killed after the collapse of the roof of restaurant in NEA Plagia.

At least two of the dead Russians, father and son, they died by falling of a tree not far from the hotel in NEA Potidaea.

About 70 people were injured, they are treated in hospitals, most of them with various fractures.

Earlier, in the region of Romagna in Northern Italy, hurricane, and in Central Italy near the Adriatic coast, hail the size of an orange.

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