Ilya Milstein

Propaganda in an authoritarian country during an epidemic is a phenomenon mysterious.

Pro-government propaganda in an authoritarian country in a relatively peaceful time – the phenomenon is very unpleasant, but, as if to say, danger to society is not. “Walking together”, “Our”, “Local”. There are different Seliger. Exposing bullshit Gosteleradio directed against the leaders of the opposition outside the system with their further prosecution. Katya Mumu in bed and on the worldwide web, too, in their own way, ripping off the covers. This, of course, a criminal act, but, as a rule, under those articles of the criminal code for which is not provided for a very heavy punishment.

Pro-government propaganda in an authoritarian country that has occupied foreign territory, is a phenomenon of a fundamentally different order. Because we are talking about calls for mass murder and enforced. On crimes without a Statute of limitations, committed against the citizens of a neighboring state, and in respect of, roughly speaking, their own. Those who, after watching crucified babies on TV, ran to save them. And if you remember historical examples, other strahilov kindle universal hatred, and even hung upon the completion of the judicial process and proper legal procedures.

Pro-government propaganda in an authoritarian country quarantined, the phenomenon mysterious.

On the one hand, she’s kind of like, this propaganda, the one familiar to us in relatively peaceful times. As in the analytical memo, leaked from the Kremlin administration to “Dossier”, a lot of space is given to the fight against the so-called “fake news”. That is, the repression against the Russians, and these tips analysts are in demand: the plan to name and fining alarmist, comedians successfully implemented. It can still be called operation intimidation and robbery of the population, which is consistent with the latest legislation, but is essentially a criminal act. In these recommendations of higher authorities, his security forces and presenter, we learn the unique style of those creative executioners who worked for the good of the state and in the zero years, and later. They don’t know how.

On the other hand, contains the note and something that defies the usual classification on the grounds of small, average and total criminality. What could samozarodilsya in the minds of analysts in a pandemic. In other circumstances unlikely to be samzareulos.

I mean, first of all, a cheerful idiocy as the basis of proposed ideology to counter depression and other “unnecessary anxiety” in the era of coronavirus. Here is the “shaft of the news” mean, which is planned to awaken the people “the positive economic expectations.” That “is positive “otkrepitelnyh” practices” against the plague, when that here and there some happy owner opens the doors of his company, inviting customers, and our correspondent in a hurry to capture this moment. Until the police came and did not baby the lucky, as easy to guess. This “doctor young,” which was invented by the demiurge to it directly from the hospital ran on thin heels to a beauty salon, reporting on the move our correspondent: “the Fact that I work 12 hours a day doesn’t mean I have to like the fright”. And wherever she and the other doctors put on makeup or fix your car, tell them thanks and serve for free or at a discount the grateful workers of small businesses. This kind of optimistic scenes are entrusted to our correspondent according to the document, which I write now in the Old square.

However, to recommend doctors the authors suddenly published work is also not advised. In the end, what is so heroic, they are doing the Dr. Dolittle? Out “yermolyeva – the mother of our penicillin… itself for a better understanding of the disease treated from cholera, after drinking the culture of Vibrio cholerae in 25 years. And not post on instagram a photo of her hard at change”. Shame on the doctors integramedica! In contrast, our simple people today who voluntarily subjected himself to the hardships of isolation, it is recommended to sing. “This is your penance, your feat in the name of others and not just eating buckwheat on the couch… Become a hero” – something that will be spelled out in the training manual, which excited Kiselev, running in the Studio, in your own words retell people.

A separate line is to promote a healthy lifestyle in Kommunarka, where the intent of the writers will be placed “in case one of the senior (Russian. – I. M.) officials.” It’s there extremely popular, in hospital, firstly in order to use the case of Boris Johnson in the latest “reality show, showing that the officer treated… on a General basis, just like everybody else.” And, secondly, “to show equality in the face of illness, closeness and humanity of the authorities.”

And this is perhaps the most intriguing point in the story about “major trends” antivirus ideology, as they present an unnamed Kremlin curators. I wonder who will trust the humane role of the Russian officials? From the point of view of demonstration of the power of the Armed forces, prevoznemogaya any ailment, good Shoigu. Recently perechisleny the state Council, no doubt, will represent Medvedev. From governors could be forgotten was Dyumin. And, by the way, it is possible that a few years after the magical healing of this test the character of the reality show will tell us that he is the true successor to Putin.

In short, they are almost untouchable, these propaganda fabrications abled PR power, the fruit of their collective efforts. Fools do not have jurisdiction. What really they want to initiate is a permanent theft from the Treasury, because how much money is required today to combat the epidemic, is spent on salaries and bonuses to those lazy. Alas, they were sanctified by tradition, on the promotion we have ever saved, and in times of a pandemic that nothing has changed here: the agitators saw the budget. Because the Russians a long time are doomed to listen to all the nonsense pouring on them from TV screens. As long as there is this authoritarian regime – with its national leader and attendants engaged in unclean art hanging noodles on the ears of the countrymen.

Ilya Milstein, “The Verge”