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The summer solstice 2018


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Ukraine news: June 21 – the longest day in 2018, it is called the summer solstice.

The summer solstice or summer equinox is the day of the beginning of summer in the Northern hemisphere and the beginning of winter in the southern hemisphere. The summer solstice occurs at the moment when the axial tilt of the Earth’s rotation in the direction to the Sun is minimum. The solstice is also called solstice.

Depending on the shift of the calendar, the summer solstice occurs on 20 or 21 June in the Northern hemisphere and 21 or 22 December in the southern hemisphere (the winter solstice) In 2018 in Ukraine, it will happen June 21 at 13.07 local time. The duration of the longest day is 17 hours and 33 minutes This holiday has many names in the nation .

Ivan Kupala, Ivan Travnik, Yarilin day, Sancerres, whit Monday, feast of the Dew – it’s the name of the summer solstice in different times in different people. And in some countries, such as Finland and Sweden, the summer solstice is a day and a national holiday.

C the adoption of Christianity the pagan holiday Kupala, has not disappeared from the Slavic culture, and transformed in the day of John the Baptist, who according to the old style we had on June 24. But after the transition to the Gregorian calendar, the day of John the Baptist was shifted to 7 July. Today in Ukraine the celebration of Midsummer is not the same as summer solstice.

The summer solstice: holiday traditions

The summer solstice — pagan and Zoroastrian celebration, the shortest night of the year. Scientists still cannot come to a common opinion, when the pagans began to celebrate the solstice. We only know that it was long before our era. Many years ago the summer solstice was of great importance to our ancestors, are subject to natural cycles. In the times of the Gentiles the sun had divine power over the living, and the summer solstice meant the highest peak of all the forces of nature.

The summer solstice is widely celebrated by different peoples. The Slavs holiday known as Midsummer, the Finns and Ingrian — Juhannus, the Latvians Ligo. With the summer solstice involves a lot of beliefs that still rightfully deserves our attention, because at the summer solstice there is a powerful surge of energies of kindness, love and prosperity. It is believed that the summer solstice all magical rituals, rites and incantations have a special power. In the day of summer solstice celebrated the feast of Midsummer, which is called Summer.

On this day, jumped over the fire, sang songs and just had fun. In ancient times on this day performed rituals involving fire and water. For example, it was believed that bathing in the waters purifies the soul. Also the flames have properties purification: mothers burn shirts of ill children. According to legend, with his clothes burned and disease. Ancestors had a tradition on the day of the summer solstice to see the sunrise, the ancestors were convinced that it gives strength and health for the entire year and saves from trouble. The summer solstice was considered a good day for wedding. But now the wedding this ned don’t celebrate because June 21 falls on a post.

The signs on the summer solstice

On this day find out what will be the harvest and the weather in the summer.

If the storm on June 22 — will be poor Assembly of the hay If the dew in the morning — will be a good harvest.

This day started weeding. It was thought that if the summer solstice is not to start weeding the vegetable garden, the harvest will be meager.

If this day will be the thunder to rattle, then wait for the bad weather prolonged.

Well, if this day you relax in the bath. Collect the broom on this day. So you will be able to “knock out” from all the bad thoughts and disease. Body and mind will be purified.

To give strength for the whole year, and get a strong amulet will help the morning dawn, you have met in solitude or in a circle of close people.

Make a wish in this day twelve climb over any fences.

If the sky is starry, this summer, expect a large crop of mushrooms.

All the unhappiness and trouble will bypass a house party, if the threshold to hang a bouquet of flowers Ivan da Marya.

The water gained on the morning of 21 June, is considered curative. The water gained from wells and springs, wash it on the same day and drank But the rain this day did not Bode well. In the evening we all went to jump over a bonfire that promised a rich harvest and prosperity to the family. The rain and wet grass prevented to kindle fires and to perform all the rituals.

Generally bad weather is talked about the fact that we should expect a bad year.

But the people who were born on this day, went divided opinion. On the one hand, they were considered very happy, because all my life they were a patron of the Sun, and on the other saying that these people can jinx anyone.