Who to fear and who does not?

August 28 held a national coordination meeting on the fight against crime and corruption, where security forces have discussed the “shortcomings” in their work. Which is not surprising: after the “historic” meeting-spacing Lukashenka on 20 August they could not admit mistakes.

The law States heads of security agencies would have been dismissed after the facts were published by the head of Belarus. But in our country differently- Lukashenko decided to take a break.

UDF.BY analyzed over any of the security forces the clouds gathered, who still shines the sun.


Alexander Konyukov

The attorney General was one of those who recently came under harsh criticism from the country’s leader. Even before the separation.

Lukashenko said:

“I’m attorney General I will understand why he “oversees” for criminal cases and enforce the law. This is not the case. We the people should be treated humanly”.

At a historic meeting, the President of Belarus said:

“So we have the Prosecutor’s office in a sovereign independent country is that they need more work to me.”

Now Kaniuk recognizes the flaws in the work of law enforcement, but we can assume that his retirement is not far off. And he stayed at his post: controls the Prosecutor General’s office since 2011.

Andrei Shved

A year ago, the head of Belarus told the head of the state Committee of sudèkspertiz:

“See that forensic experts were completely honest. You have to understand that if you falsify against someone and in favor of someone examination, the Lord will punish you. Sooner or later you life will punish.”

And what? At a historic meeting announced information of the KGB: the staff of the state Committee of sudèkspertiz during a visit to the site of the incident actually falsifiziert traces of the crimes.

“The detainees selected samples, including those left by them when conducting procedural actions, and then they are applied to the items seized and the things that in the future, when the expert examination of such objects “proves” a crime known face. Direct forgery and falsification! And so people know where” – protested Lukashenko.

Andrei Shved runs the state Committee of sudmedekspertiza since its inception in 2013.

Ivan Noskiewicz

Dissatisfaction with the work of the Investigative Committee Lukashenko expressed his head personally – the occasion was the case of engineer MWTP, which for four years kept in prison, but the guilt could not prove. In addition to this, then announced that the workers of the UK to put pressure on the judges during this process.

In General the work of the Investigating Committee for a long time accumulated a lot of claims. A lot of criticism SK Lukashenko said during a meeting on August 20.

Igor Marshalov

During the dressing Lukashenko criticized the Department of financial investigations of the state control Committee, saying that the FID chasing awards, and is not engaged in the prevention of illicit income businesses and citizens by eliminating the causes and conditions of their illegal activities.

But the meeting on August 28, the attorney General also said that the financial police is not doing enough, doing detection of minor crimes.

Igor Marshalov is also quite long runs of the FID – in 2013.


Valery Vakulchik

During the dressing Lukashenka for the KGB was just such criticism: “I’m not saying that you are running bad. You are not working.” But we can assume that the actions of the office of Supervisor the head of the country even set other security forces as an example.

For example, Lukashenko noted that all the excited state security Committee of high-profile criminal cases of bribery are based on specific facts and audio, the video evidence.

The supervisor could not worry about their future in power. The only question is how long it will be associated with the KGB – will not decide whether Lukashenko to strengthen a Manager of another Department?

Yury Karaeu

Igor Shunevich very time resigned. At the meeting two months after his dismissal from Lukashenko most went to just the police. For example, in connection with fraud in matters of illegal drug trafficking.

With the new Minister Yury Karaev demand is small – he just took office and was in charge of the internal troops and was far from the activities of operatives. Now his task is to correct mistakes, rooted at the predecessor.