According to representatives of the Syrian opposition, the liberation of the occupied by the jihadists of the city will last several months, since the terrorists were able to prepare well for the defense.

According to “Russian conversation”, the representative of the opposition Alliance “Syrian democratic forces,” Jihan Sheikh Ahmad said that the city of raqqa, which the jihadists refer to as their “capital,” completely cut off from the rest of the country.

According to them, in a short time the representatives of the armed groups of the Syrian opposition could take control of the countryside near Raqqa, freeing from the occupation of terrorists hundreds of villages and a number of strategically important heights.

The Syrian newspaper “al-Monitor” notes that raqqa is isolated from the North, West and East. As for the South, there is a natural barrier, the Euphrates river .

Furthermore, it is known that the armed groups of the Syrian opposition have surrounded the Deir ez-Zor in the North and West, and the government army cap – neighborhood of HOMS and Palmyra, cutting off these areas from the rest of Syria.