Several rockets fired at the Syrian military base T-4 in the province of HOMS, media reported Syria.

According to some of the missiles managed to shoot down, and the part to catch failed and it exploded on the territory of the airbase. In the end were destroyed an ammunition dump, and several objects on the territory of the base was damaged.

Syrian television reports about one killed and two severely wounded military. At first data, we are talking about the Syrians.

For its part, close to the Syrian opposition sources claim that killed five Syrians, one of them a soldier. About the other four data are given.

While several media outlets said that, most likely, the blow struck by the Israeli air force. Often they conducted such operations in the fight against present in Syria, the fighters of Hizballah and against the help of Damascus of Iranian military advisers.

The Israeli military command has not yet commented on the incident.