The Taliban are waiting for us withdrawal

Under explored, the Taliban is going to attack the Afghan authorities immediately, as a country American troops leave.


The U.S. government has received intelligence reports that say that the radical movement “Taliban” does not intend to comply with the terms of the peace agreement. On Friday, March 6, reports NBC.

“They have no intention of honoring its agreement,” said one of the officials, citing intelligence reports.

At the same time, the media does not specify exactly which content received the American side. But also results are close to Taliban sources in Pakistan, which also confirm the intention of the Taliban to attack.

“We tell the Afghan government that if the US recognized us and our position, it’s time to give us the country in a peaceful way” – are the material words a certain person from among the supporters of the Taliban.

According to the TV channel, U.S. authorities believe a possible attack from the Taliban on the Afghan authorities, but do not intend to abandon plans to withdraw its troops from the country.

29 February in Doha, the US and the Taliban signed a peace agreement. According to the agreement, the United States, its allies and the coalition intend to withdraw within 14 months all troops from Afghanistan. The Taliban in turn guarantee not to use the territory of Afghanistan for actions that pose a threat to US security and its allies.

Also in the Hague, the international criminal court approved the initiation of investigations into alleged war crimes in Afghanistan.

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