(updated) Lukashenko went without statements to the press.

Russia and Belarus will continue consultations on “integration” at the level of governments, said the head of the Russian presidential administration Dmitry Kozak on the results of negotiations in Sochi between Lukashenka and Putin, reports “radio Svaboda”.

As reported by the Agency TASS with reference to Kozak, the Russian Federation and Belarus have agreed on gas deliveries for 2020 conditions 2019. However, according to Kozak, discounts for Belarus oil would require state regulation of deliveries, and that Russia can not go.

“We can now dramatically change the regulatory environment our oil industry: you know, the price of crude oil are formed by the market, but administratively not regulated”.

The terms of the regulation of the Russian oil industry will not be changed, but the Russian government will contribute to the supply of oil to Belarus, said the Russian official.

It is reported that Lukashenko has left the talks without statements to the press.

Note that Lukashenko has repeatedly voiced its position on the price of gas in the near future to reduce the price already from 2020 to in the short term to reduce it to the level of the Smolensk region.