Another terrorist attack occurred in the Iraqi capital. A car bomb driven by a suicide bomber exploded while standing in line at the checkpoint.

According to “Russian conversation”, the explosion occurred in the southern part of Iraq. Victims of a powerful explosion were 17 residents, more than 40 people were injured and hospitalized in the nearest hospitals.

At this time no terrorist group has claimed responsibility for the bloody attack a jihadi bomber.

According to Iraqi law enforcement officers and witnesses of the attack, the man who drove the car Packed with explosives tried to break through a checkpoint in the city center, to kill as many victims, but during the check he got nervous.

When police approached the car of the suicide bomber, his nerves could not stand – he pressed the button of an explosive device .

Note that on 16 February in Baghdad was a terrorist attack, which killed more than 50 people. Then the responsibility for the terrorist attack took on the militants of the “Islamic state” (banned in Russia as extremist groups).