The “right hand” of the leader of the terrorist group ISIS (banned in Russia), Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi killed in airstrike in Iraq.

This was reported by Iraqi state television IMN with reference to the statement of intelligence, reports, “Russian conversation”.

It is noted that the message refers to the “Minister of war” of Islamists Iyad Hamid al-Jumaili. According to information, he was killed in the village of El-Qaim, which is the last stronghold of terrorists in Iraq’s Anbar province on the border in Syria.

According to information, the bombers struck a good blow to the headquarters of the terrorists in al Kaim and destroyed, “the second man” in the IG.

When he was made air strikes are not reported. During this same air RAID also killed two local leaders of terrorists.

Earlier it was reported that the media told how many militants remain in Mosul .

It was also noted that Tillerson called the main ally of Washington in the fight against ISIS.