According to experts, the scandal with the win Mikelly Abramova shaken
the reputation of “the First
channel”, but is unlikely to lead to the closure of the show “the Voice. Children”
Russia. While the winner receives tips, and
famous person propose new names for
project and contribution to career development
finalists Alsu prepared to comment on
the situation with voting for my daughter.

Check the show reportedly will take at least a month. Became
it is known that involved 15 employees of the company Group-IB, they work with 28
APR. CEO Ilya Sachkov says that you must install
the possibility of interference in the voting system, to understand how secure it is,
it will give grounds to speak about the integrity of the results. Will be checked and calls,
and SMS messages, reports, “Russian conversation” with reference to TASS.

“Thus, we will be able to answer the question
it is sufficient if the system is safe to ensure the objectivity and
the fairness of such polls,” said Sachkov.

At the same time the franchise owner contests The Voice company
Talpa Media also alarmed by the situation,
holding consultations with the “First channel”.

Recall from the show “the Voice. Children” propose to make two
project – one for the children of the rich
parents, another for children of ordinary families.