Investigative Committee opened against the Ukrainian Armed forces and the national guard under a criminal case under the article pertaining to prohibited methods of warfare.

according to “Russian conversation” with a link
the press service of the RF IC, manufacture of
open under part 1 of article 356 of the criminal code. In this case
the investigation established the facts of attacks
in the period from 11 to 23 March of objects that
are not military objectives.

Ukrainian law enforcers performed
criminal orders of the Ukrainian defense Ministry.
As a result of attacks one
civilian was killed and nine people
got wounds of different severity.
In addition, it was destroyed about 50
of civilian infrastructure,
including a large number of residential
homes .

drew attention to the fact that these
crimes are committed on the basis
political and ideological hatred,
due to the refusal of residents of Donbas to recognize the legitimacy of the current
of power in Ukraine.

last month, the investigation found evidence of the use of the Ukrainian
security forces on missile complexes “Tochka-U”
for the shelling of civilians in Donbass.