In Belarus there is a growing outrage at the disregard for Lukashenko to the pandemic.

At that time, as world leaders impose quarantine and isolation to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection, the President of Belarus Lukashenko offers alternatives that are not that inefficient, and generally irrelevant: vodka, bath and hockey, writes That Concerning the British newspaper “the times” (translation –

Former state farm Director has ruled the country with an iron hand since 1994, refuses to impose strict measures to curb the spread of the virus.

He calls the concern about a pandemic “coronavirus psychosis,” and warns that self-isolation can destroy the economy of the country. Factories continue to operate, kindergartens, restaurants and universities are open and the football championship of Belarus, the only country in Europe still gathers spectators in the stadiums.

In Belarus there is a growing outrage at the disregard for Lukashenka for a pandemic, and people suspect that the true scale of the disease is hidden by the authorities.

“The situation is catastrophic,” – said the former candidate for presidency in Belarus Andrei Sannikov in an interview over the phone. “I think that the true figures may be five or even ten times higher than those that report to people.”

“Reliable information is sketchy still does, from doctors, from other sources, through social networks. Lukashenko is a dictator, who used to solve problems only by violence and the imprisonment of their opponents. However, coronavirus, such methods do not work,” says Andrei Sannikov, who, along with many opposition leaders, require the imposition of strict quarantine measures in the neighboring countries, even in Russia.

65-year-old Lukashenko calls coronavirus “imported disease” and claims that Belarus is taking “targeted measures” to deal with it. “Let’s see what happens in the countries that have imposed quarantine – they have nothing”, – he added.

Last month, he said that the bath, alcohol and a bit of a shock working in the field will not leave the virus no chance.

“The tractor will cure all, the field will cure all,” he explained.

He also told reporters during a hockey match: “Look – there are no viruses. Sports, especially ice, this “refrigerator” is the best antiviral agent”.

Anyone who dares to publicly Express a contrary view, waiting for the massacre: student of Minsk linguistic University was expelled from school this week due to the fact that she protested against the continuation of face to face tuition.

Lukashenka says that the quarantine is too expensive will cost the country’s economy. Analysts attribute this to the fact that he is afraid of the economic downturn prior to this year’s presidential election.