Photo: The Sun Tourist “scalded” foot ferry to the crater of the volcano

The man visited the crater of a dormant volcano on the advice of a travel company and was in the hospital.

A tourist from Britain’s got strong burns on the feet after a walk in the crater of the volcano. This publication reports The Sun.

The British tourist, 22-year-old Thomas Grandon with his lover and went on an excursion to the volcano of Nisyros on the homonymous Greek island in the Aegean sea.

Walking in the crater together with the other tourists, a man stepped on a dried surface layer from under which escaped the approximate vapor temperature of 165 degrees Celsius.

The tourist suffered burns of first and second degree. According to him, he was screaming in pain and crying.

His foot was burned from the knee to the toes. Grandon noted that this “safe” trip advised him to travel companies. The man took five days of special treatment.

Earlier in France, in the shark stomach found the hand of a tourist. Also the Correspondent wrote that the tourist was in a wheelchair after a dip in the lake.

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