Photo: HELLENIC COAST GUARD Kusile Stein in the boat

When the woman was recovered by the coast guard, she had only one piece of candy.

A resident of New Zealand Kusile Steyn, drifting for two days in the Aegean sea, survived thanks to the small stock of candy. On Tuesday, November 5, reports the BBC.

A tourist spent 37 hours on an inflatable boat, since it has suffered over. She had a bag of candy, which helped her to survive until rescuers. And not to freeze, Kusile wrapped in plastic garbage bags.

It is noted that a woman entire life out to sea, and, knowing that she will be missed, donned a bright red plastic bag on his head, trying to make itself felt with a mirror.

The coast guard of Greece found it 100 kilometers from the island of Crete. The tourist had helped the Briton to overtake a yacht in the South of Turkey in Athens. The way she decided to “warm up” and on Friday went on an inflatable boat to the island of Folegandros. On the way back she lost one of the oars and a strong wind carried it out to sea. The yacht’s owner had discovered that the woman had not returned, and reported her disappearance to Greek authorities. Began a rescue operation of six vessels, a helicopter and an underwater drone.

While Kusile drifted, she wrote in big letters on the side of the boat name and phone number of his mother in New Zealand, because I was worried about life. The woman was taken to hospital with hypothermia and dehydration. After rescuing Kusile called his mother and told that she was okay and that she even had a Lollipop.

Earlier it was reported that in the sea of Azov saved the woman a kilometer out at sea on an inflatable mattress.

Earlier the Italian had fallen asleep on the inflatable mattress, accidentally crossed the Strait of Messina. In the end, he from Calabria made it to Sicily.

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