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The man spent a lot of time in a wheelchair and probably will never be able to restore health.

Tourists swim in an African lake and he “took his legs”. This writes the Mirror.

The British 32-year-old James Michael along with friends went to travel in South East Africa. The men spent five days on lake Nyasa, which bathed.

When the tourist returned to England, he noticed that his numb legs. First, he blamed the feeling on riding a bike. After she began to experience difficulties while climbing stairs, the man went to the doctors.

Over time, the hospital and Michael was covered with a terrible rash. Then the doctors found in the body of an Englishman tropical worms-parasites.

They probably got into the body via the genitals and to postpone eggs there. Parasites gave complications on the spine and resulted in paralysis of the legs.

Once the pathogen has been destroyed, Michael spent a lot of time in a wheelchair, then on crutches. According to the doctors, the probability of a tourist to fully recover is 30%, and this will happen not earlier than in ten years.

Earlier it was reported that American paralyzed due to river water in the nose. Also the Correspondent wrote that the mixer “strangled” woman with a scarf on the eyes of the son.

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