Route Odessa-Reni




Ukraine news: Residents of three districts staged a protest over the terrible condition of the roads, threaten more drastic action.

Residents of Tarutino, authorities are engaging in Saratsky district of Odessa region blocked the route Odessa – Reni near the village Sarata.

This was announced on his page in Facebook the head of the Odessa regional organization of party “Our land” by Maria Popova.

According to her, this people went to attract the attention of the leadership of the Odessa region to their problems.

“The residents of Tarutino, Artsyz and Saratsky districts ran out of patience. Inability to travel to the regional center of Bessarabia province, a complete disregard for the problems of residents of border areas regional authorities led residents to block traffic on the highway Odessa – Reni near Sarathy,” wrote M. Popov, adding some photos of the blocked road .

While Popov did not specify what the problems of the border areas ignore the regional authorities.