The incident happened in kazanskom district of Buryatia. A group of tourists decided to climb the mountain mother. It is known that several of them were foreign nationals.

According to “Russian conversation”, an avalanche fell upon them, when travelers least expected. The result – a French citizen was injured, incompatible with life and died.

“Four people were under the snow on the mountain mom. Currently, the rescuers are preparing for surgery to evacuate it,” — noted the rescuers.

According to preliminary information, all the tourists, which avalanche on the mountain Mamai been pre-registered in the emergency. They all came from the Irkutsk region.

About the incident told the rescuers, one of the tourists, who managed to survive. In the regional SC of the incident have not yet commented .

Previously, “Russian conversation” already wrote that in the Zhambyl region of Kazakhstan during military exercises at the soldiers avalanche. Tragedy ended the toe of the avalanche in the Italian province of Pescara in the moment when an avalanche struck the hotel it was 20 guests.