As it became known, in a truck in the back which drove the tourists from Belarus, according to preliminary information, there were 23 people, reports “Russian Dialogue,” referring to the Ukrainian media.

According to the information received, representatives of the local rescue service issued a statement in which he described how at 11:43 MSK in gschs reported that near the village of Krasnyk, Verkhovyna district Ivano-Frankivsk region with a height of 40 meters into the river Black Cheremosh dropped a truckload of tourists.

From the scene of the incident managed to save 19 people, the bodies of three were discovered in the truck, and the fate of one person at present unknown. You should pay attention to the fact that all the passengers during the incident in the vehicle were citizens of Belarus.

Note that at the moment, rescue operations are continuing.

Earlier, the “Russian conversation” informed the readers about what happened in Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport plane crash, which killed 40 passengers burnt airliner Superjet and 1 crew member.