The singer denied rumors that appeared in the media, about her rupture with her husband.

About it reports “Russian conversation”.

Recently in a press there was news that Tatiana did break up with her husband. Before that there were rumors that Vladislav would often change the star to his wife and they parted with the scandal. Bulanova decided to tell the truth about the current relationship with the ex-lover.

Of course, the singer did not deny the fact that she divorced Radimov. But, according to celebrity, she has remained with the former spouse quite a good relationship and they continue to communicate. Married couple rarely argued and always could come to a consensus.

Tatiana urged fans not to believe everything you read in the news, as most of the information is just rumors . The singer added that she tries to communicate with her husband and wouldn’t mind if he wants to congratulate her on holidays or to come to visit her.

Previously, “Russian conversation” was reported about the scandal between Paul Priluchny and Agatha muceniece. The actor said that several times he with his wife had a serious fight and it almost came to divorce.