In an interview with the diplomat once again voiced replicated, including Washington, unsubstantiated accusations in address of the Russian Federation.

Grenell remembered that a few decades ago Europe “behaved with Russia very differently,” reports “Russian conversation” with reference to RIA “Novosti” on 4 may.

“Would have sounded absurd that Europe has allowed Russia to occupy the Crimea, shoot down aircraft, manipulate elections and use of chemical weapons, that’s unthinkable! Today we know that the way it happened,” said Grenell, repeating the clichés of American propaganda.

In addition, the politician criticized the construction of the gas pipeline “Nord stream – 2”.

According to Grendel, European States are not afraid that you’ll become dependent on Moscow, when the project will be completed. The diplomat reminded that German companies that have joined the SP-2, can suffer from the sanctions.

Recall, the successor to Merkel revealed the future of SP-2.