American tanks M-1 Abrams in Poland (archival photo)

Military equipment, which earlier went to Belgium, ready for further transportation to Eastern Europe.

As part of operation Atlantic Resolve United States begin the transfer of troops from Belgium to strategic regions of Eastern Europe. About it on may 23, according to the portal Defence News, citing a representative of the American armed forces in Europe.

In total will be about 3.3 thousand staff members and 650 pieces of military equipment, including tanks 87 M-1 Abrams and the 18 ACS M-109 Paladin. All equipment will be sent to the Baltic countries and in Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary.

It is noted that the transfer is considered as full-scale exercises in case of a possible military conflict on the continent.

It is reported that some of the troops moved by rail and highways, and also involves water transport, which for these purposes is not used .

Later, the troops will take part in a major military exercise Sabre Strike, which will be held from 3 to 15 June in Poland and the Baltic States and with the participation of 18 thousand soldiers from NATO countries.

Operation Atlantic Resolve was launched in April 2014 at the initiative of the United States in response to Russia’s aggressive actions in Ukraine. In the framework of operation, American ground forces take part in multinational military exercises in Poland, Baltic States, Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary.

Earlier it was reported that units of the 1st armored brigade of the United States, stationed in Texas, arrived in the Belgian port of Antwerp and began to unload for further transportation to Eastern Europe. It will replace the 2nd armored brigade of the 1st infantry division which will return to Fort Riley, Kansas.

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