The Congress of the United States


WASHINGTON, February 8. /TASS./ The house of representatives of the U.S. Congress on Wednesday approved a bill providing assistance to Ukraine “confrontation with Russia” in cyberspace. 404 the Congressman voted in favor, three against.

The foreign Affairs Committee of the house of representatives unanimously supported the draft law on 14 December. It says that the United States would “help the government improve its cybersecurity strategies”, “support the continuation of Ukraine’s cooperation with NATO” and held Kiev political and economic reforms .

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The bill referred to the statement of the Ukrainian government that “activity in the Russian social networks”, including the proliferation of “Pro-Russian propaganda” and some “surgery in cyberspace”, represents a threat to national security. USA should help Ukraine to confront the “Russian-backed attempts to use misinformation and propaganda in cyberspace, including through social networks and other platforms”, according to the authors of the document.

US Secretary of state, in accordance with the provisions of the bill, “should take the necessary steps to help Ukraine to protect its government computer networks”, to assist the reduce the dependence of Kiev “from the Russian information and communication technologies”. 180 days after the entry of the proposed law into force the Secretary of state is obliged to submit to the relevant committees of Congress a report on the work done.

The author of the initiative made by Congressman-Democrat Brendan Boley. The text of the bill was finalized with the participation of the Committee Chairman, Republican ed Royce.

As noted by the Washington newspaper the Hill that “there is no clarity concerning the future path of this bill, because at the moment in the Senate of the one with the initiative to prepare a similar document is not performed”.