The U.S. house of representatives supported an amendment to the bill in the defense budget of the country in 2020 year, which includes new sanctions on Russian sovereign debt due to alleged Russian interference in presidential elections in 2016.

“This amendment provides for a real and serious sanctions against the Russian state, according to which no citizen of the United States cannot make additional deals with Russian sovereign debt,” said one of the authors of the amendment Democrat brad Sherman during a meeting, which was broadcast channel C-SPAN.

He also added that the amendment provides a mechanism lifting these sanctions.

“If the administration will come to the conclusion that Russia may go one election cycle without interference, and if Congress agrees with this conclusion, the sanctions will be lifted,” said a member of the house of representatives.

“We need a strict mechanism to punish Russia for what they have done in previous elections, and keep them. This amendment makes it,” added Sherman.

Co-author of the amendment made by Maxine waters.

The U.S. house of representatives this week, has yet to approve the draft defense budget, which included the amendment. Only after it is approved by both houses of Congress, he will go to the President for signature Trump.

Previously, the presidential administration has threatened to veto the defense budget in 2020 year, if Congress will reduce it to $733 billion from the requested amount of $750 billion.

If the version of the national defence act “was presented to the President in its current form advisers would recommend he veto it”, – reads the statement of the administration.

In March 2019, a team of spectacular Robert Mueller has completed work on a report about alleged Russian intervention in elections in 2016 in the US and gave it to the attorney General. The letter to Congress, announced that investigators found no evidence of collusion between the Russian Federation and the election headquarters trump.