American missile destroyer USS Carney on Saturday night, passing the Bosphorus, entered the Black sea, reported “Interfax” an informed source.

Currently, the destroyer of the U.S. Navy, having on Board Tomahawk cruise missiles with a range of 1.6 thousand km, is on the Black sea in the direction of Odessa, where he should arrive on Sunday.

The ship will take part in beginning 1 July off the coast of Ukraine multinational naval exercises Sea Breeze 2019.

Earlier on Saturday, the 6th operational fleet of the U.S. Navy reported that “Carney began his entry into the Black sea in order to strengthen regional stability at sea and participation in exercise Sea Breeze 2019”.

This is the fifth visit by the American warship in the Black sea this year.

In the annual U.S.-Ukrainian exercise will involve ships of the U.S. Navy, the Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey and Georgia. In total, they will involve about 900 troops.

In the current year, the U.S. Navy will be represented by two ships – the destroyer Carney, who first five times came in the Black sea, and one of the newest auxiliary landing ships – USNS Yuma, which has already arrived in Odessa.

Carney, also equipped with missile defense system Aegis, along with the destroyers of the US Navy Donald Cook, Porter and Ross, stationed permanently in Europe on a Spanish naval base in Rota. These ships with Aegis missile land bases in Poland and Romania are an integral part of the program of building of the European phased adaptive missile defense system.